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Welcome to my coaching page

 Dear pianist friends, welcome to my coaching page!

The life of a pianist can sometimes be solitary, so do not hesitate to explore the offers below if you feel the need to be heard and guided.

The right advice at the right time can change everything!


Myriam Birger “The Little Girl With Golden Hands


1ère offer

Online Coaching Session :

Design for advanced level players, these sessions are primarily intended for serious enthusiasts, professional pianists, and confirmed virtuosos. However, there are special cases where others may certainly contact me as well.


How it works

To schedule a coaching session, please send me a direct message at this adress:, and let me know what  motivates your request, whether it’s repertoire work, the need for technical advice, or any other issues.

The sessions take place via Zoom, Skype or equivalent video conferencing platforms.

Once your appointment is confirmed, a link will be send to you to join our coaching place at  the scheduled time. Please ensure you provide a valid email adress and have your piano visible with good sound quality.


Rates :

20 minutes of individual coaching : 75e

40 minutes of individual coaching : 150e  

1 hour of individual coaching : 225e

Payment in advance via Paypal or bank transfer . Payment information will be sent to you by email when scheduling the appointment. Please note that the sessions are non- refundable  in case of cancellation.


2nd offer

Detailed video assessment :

More flexible than individual coaching, this option is available to pianists of all levels. It’s a highly popular choice!


How it works

Send me a video of  yourself playing the piece or pieces of your choice via We Transfer, or a similar platform to this adress: . I will respond by email or audio message with a detailed assessment of your video and provide you with appropriate feedback. Please ensure you provide a valid email adress. Expect a response within 1 and 7 days.

Payment in advance via Paypal or bank transfer. Please contact me  at to receive payment information.



Video up to 10/12 minutes maximum : 60e

Video up to 15/18 minutes maximum : 90e

Video up to 30/35 minutes maximum : 180e 

Video up to 60/65 minutes maximum : 360e